Information according to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30.6.2003 n. 196

1. Nature and type of personal data processed by Camping del Sole.

1.1 Company name of the company or service center, the association identity, name and surname of the individual firm;

1.2 Address of the registered office, headquarters or local units;

1.3 Name and surname of legal representative, officers, employees or officers;

1.4 Number of telephone switchboard, interior and fax;;

1.5 Institutional and direct email addresses;

1.6 Documentation of the websites developed on behalf of clients.

The data are collected:

a) From the person concerned or at the premises of Camping del Sole at the time of establishing a business relationship, the commission of an order, the request for an offer, or the conclusion of a contract;

b) Directly by communication through fax or e-mail;

c) From the person concerned on the occasion of visits to the proposed commercial products or services covered by the activity of Camping del Sole;

d) Directly of telephone interviews;

e) For directly through collaborations in partnership between Camping del Sole, and professionals or professional firms with which the person concerned has collaborative relationships;

f) From public sources such as telephone directories, advertising is transmitted, through websites that are in the possession and allowed the processing of such personal data;

g) Cookie law: follow link Information Cookie Law

This information is provided to the person, or the person from whom the data is collected at the time of the beginning of the report, will then be recorded and collected by Camping del Sole, with headquarters in Via Sotto i Chiosi 81/a 28822 Cannobio (VB) . The data will be processed in accordance with the Code of protection of personal data stored in such a way as to ensure confidentiality, prevent the destruction or use by a third party unrelated to Camping del Sole

2. Purpose of data processing.

Personal data collected by Camping del Sole, will be used for functional purposes of consulting, selling products or services offered or marketed by the same;

2.1 Purpose of data about customers of the products or services of Camping del Sole

a) Managing relationships with customers, acquisition of data in the case of supply of services, products supply, data acquisition for loans, rental or leasing of equipment and software;

b) Verification of the degree of customer satisfaction regarding the services offered by Camping del Sole, through personal interviews, sent via fax, mail or e-mail questionnaires;

c) Promotion activities for products or services offered by Camping del Sole, exchange information about economic activity, administrative and sales activities;

d) Sending by fax, mail or e-mail advertising services or products offered by Camping del Sole;

e) Promotion of events such as workshops, conferences, fairs Camping del Sole where it is organizer or participant;

f) Issuing transport documents, invoices and credit notes, keeping ordinary accounting and VAT, receipts and payments management.

The provision of personal data may not be binding, rejection would prevent, with particular reference to the sub point. letter. a) the inability of Camping del Sole in favor of the customer can deliver the requested service.

Since the person concerned enjoys the services or products referred to in subparagraph. letter. a) you do not need his consent, in accordance with art. 24 of the law on the protection of personal data.

2.2. Purpose of data on potential customers of products or services Camping del Sole

Camping del Sole informs that make the processing of personal data of potential customers for the following purposes:
Promotion of products, services, events such as workshops, conferences, fairs where Camping del Sole it is organizer or participant; business consulting, development of offers for services / performance of Camping del Sole

In addition to the finalitāsopra described, personal data may also be processed to fulfill the obligations required by law, regulation or legislation.

3. Methods of processing data.

The data processing will be handled manually (eg on paper) and / or using automated tools (for example, using procedures and electronic media), with logic related to the purposes mentioned above, however, in order to ensure the safety and the confidentiality of data, protected by antivirus and firewall devices that prevent unauthorized third parties to access the data.

4. Subjects that may be disclosed data.

a) Companies providing services for carrying out the activity for which you have been in contact and that complete all or part of the services offered (eg, post offices, transporters, banks);

b) Companies or consulting firms and corporate tax.

5. Subjects which may become aware of data.

The personal data referred Camping del Sole, it holds may be known:

a) The Managers of the data handling, appointed by Camping del Sole

b) by employees or employees of the company as being responsible.

6. Rights of the individual concerned.

Under Article 7 of the law on the protection of personal data, the interested party has the right to obtain from Camping del Sole the following points:

  • confirm the presence or absence of personal data concerning him,
  • information on the purpose of the treatment, the source of data, the processing methods, the subjects or categories to whom the data are disclosed, the name of the owner or controller of the data, the persons to whom the data are disclosed;
  • integration, updating, rectification, erasure or anonymization of personal data concerning him and to oppose, in full or in part, to their treatment.

You have the right to object, in whole or in part:

  • for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;
  • to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct sales or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

To exercise their rights, the interested party may contact the following address: Via Sotto i Chiosi 81/a 28822 Cannobio (VB) , the attention of the person responsible for processing data, or it can send a

7. Holders and Processing Manager.

The owner of the personal information is yours truly Camping del Sole, based in Via Sotto i Chiosi 81/a 28822 Cannobio (VB)
One of those responsible for the processing of personal data is Camping del Sole
The updated list of data processors is available from Camping del Sole, which can be obtained at the following telephone number +39.0323.70732.

The above rights may be exercised with an informal request to the holder or one of his representatives, including through a nominee.
The request to the owner or manager can also be sent by letter, fax or email.

For the fulfillment of the Legislative Decree 196 of 2003., & Nbsp; will welcome the timely submission of this form attesting read dell'nformativa and the expression of consent to the processing of personal data, except in cases specifically provided by law.